Ground Mounted Solar Thermal PV Hybrid System, Lowest System Cost in the PV Industry

Solar Thermal PV Hybrid System

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Ground Mounted Solar Thermal PV Hybrid System. Cogenra Solar has introduced the T14, a new ground-mount system for large distributed and utility-scale generation which achieves the lowest system cost in the PV industry. The rugged, reliable, low-cost optics and the high efficiency, Made-in-USA T14 receiver enable the module to achieve fifty cents per watt, providing a levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) that is up to 20 percent lower than conventional photovoltaic (PV) systems. Cogenra has also secured third party power purchase agreement (PPA) financing for its installations in the U.S. which will enable wide scale deployment working in conjunction with various solar developers.

Pricing continues to be paramount in the race for solar deployment

The Cogenra T14 draws on Cogenra’s deep heritage in solar cogeneration systems to combine high-efficiency silicon PV cells, flat-glass mirrors and single-axis tracking for a low concentration photovoltaic system that delivers unprecedented price performance.

Low-cost optics. Robust steel-backed segmented mirrors concentrate the sunlight 14 times, so that each PV cell generates 14 times the electricity produced by a typical non-concentrating PV cell. For example, a 30MW T14 power plant requires only 2.1MW of PV cells.

High efficiency receiver. 14X concentration enables use of high efficiency cells and advanced interconnect technology for maximal power generation at significantly lowers costs.

Superior thermal management design. The T14 incorporates the same thermal management design that has been previously proven by Cogenra in more than 35 customer installations worldwide to efficiently cool PV cells under concentration. The proprietary design allows for integrated waste heat recovery as an option for cogeneration applications such as large-scale district heating and cooling plants, and thermal energy storage for on-demand power generation.

Better land usage. The T14’s design offers 10% improvement in ground coverage ratio, which allows for 10% more capacity in the same land area when compared to conventional PV systems. The T14 is fully compatible with industry-standard balance-of-system components, field layout and installation.

“Cogenra’s T14 array is a major milestone for the PV industry, delivering the lowest-cost PV energy on the market,” said Gilad Almogy, CEO of Cogenra Solar.

By combining new efficiency advantages in the crystalline silicon PV cell industry with our proven technology, we have been able to reach cost structures never seen before in the industry. Thanks to our 14X concentration, these higher efficiencies can now be used in large and utility-scale projects, and not limited to premium residential rooftops.

“Pricing continues to be paramount in the race for solar deployment,” said Pavel Molchanov, energy analyst at Raymond James. “Cogenra’s T14 system is targeting a cost structure that is even lower than Chinese panels, making it a potentially disruptive innovation in the solar industry.”

The first T14 installation is underway at Red Rock Ranch in Five Points, CA, and Cogenra’s first megawatt scale PV project is breaking ground in January 2014 in Tucson, AZ.

About Cogenra

Cogenra Solar designs, manufactures and delivers lowest cost and high reliability solar systems for utility-scale by combining high-efficiency photovoltaic cells and a single-axis horizontal tracker with proprietary low-concentration optics and efficient, active cooling of the photovoltaic cells. The proprietary technology utilized in Cogenra’s T14 system is field proven in over thirty-five installations worldwide. The product includes optional waste heat recovery for solar cogeneration applications such as district heating and cooling plants, water treatment and desalination plants, or energy storage for on-demand solar power at night. Cogenra is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For further information about Cogenra Solar, please visit

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