Cyclone Power Technologies Verifies Advances in Its Next Generation Waste Heat Engine

waste heat engine

waste heat engine

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POMPANO BEACH, FL. Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. this week announced that it has successfully completed an on-sight inspection by its customer, Phoenix Power Group, of the performance and durability testing being conducted on its next generation Waste Heat Engine, called the WHE-DR.

The Company has released new video of the WHE-DR running on heat recycled from Phoenix’s Micro Dry-Steam Generator (MDSG) during this important two-day assessment and third-party verification meeting.

Cyclone’s WHE-DR is designed to convert waste heat from various commercial, municipal and agricultural devices into mechanical power. The Phoenix MDSG is one such technology that produces thermal energy from the clean combustion of used motor oil. The integrated WHE-DR and MDSG system is meant to produce 7 to 10 kW of electricity in addition to all the heating requirements of garages, car dealerships and similar facilities. This cogeneration unit is expected to reduce energy costs by shaving peak electrical demand year-round, and creating space heating during cold months as a process by-product. Phoenix’s partners control approximately 70% of the used motor oil furnace market in the U.S., with over 60,000 units in the field.

Thomas Thillen, Phoenix’s President, stated, “We’re very pleased with the initial performance of the new model WHE-DR. Cyclone has made a major leap forward in the engine’s development – it is running considerably smoother, quieter and longer than we’ve seen previously. We feel confident in gearing up now to commence our pilot programs next year.”

Christopher Nelson, Cyclone’s President, stated: “We echo our customer’s sentiment in being quite pleased with the progress of the WHE-DR. We’re moving ahead steadily with our development partners at Ohio State University, and aiming to complete initial durability testing by the end of this year in order to shift into limited scale manufacturing mode soon thereafter.”

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