PERC Thin Film Solar Cells from Vacuum Coating Systems

Singulus Technologies, provider of production for silicon and thin film solar cells, has signed a framework agreement for the supply of up to 16 vacuum coating systems with M • Cells, a world leading solar cell producers.

thin film solar cells

Manufacturing Thin film solar pv cells

The contract between M • Cells and SINGULUS includes the option for the purchase of SINGULAR XP investment at the two-digit million amount. The SINGULAR XP vacuum coating equipment to be used for the rear side passivation of PERC-crystalline solar cells for the production of 500 MW of high-efficiency multi-cell. The delivery of the first aircraft to China is already the first Quarter of 2014 provided.

September 2013 on the Main signed a framework agreement with SINGULUS in Kahl. For Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck, CEO SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES, and the Deputy General Manager of M • Cells, Mr. Zhou Ximing, is a cooperation in the field of solar cell production declared aims.

The vacuum coating machine SINGULAR XP to be used for passivating the rear of the cell in the factory of M • Cells in China. The SINGULAR XP is precisely aligned with the production capacity of a typical cell production line. The system also offers the advantage of SINGULUS that the two systems required for the back surface passivation layer of aluminum oxide (AlOx) and silicon nitride (SiN x) can be applied without breaking the vacuum. Due to its compact design, the system can integrate SINGULAR XP is ideal for upgrading in existing cell production lines.

The fact that the previous cell efficiency at M • Cells can be increased through the use of SINGULAR XP further the competitiveness of M • Cells in the solar industry improved. Thus the demand of the Chinese Government is satisfied, after the future efficiency of multi-crystalline solar cells should be at least 18%.

thin film solar cells

High speed manufacturing processes and techniques

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck, “The efficiency of solar cells is extremely important. We are convinced that we can combine the latest and most advanced technology from Germany with experience of M • Cells into a joint success “The Deputy General Manager of M • Cells, Mr. Ximing Zhou”. M • Cells has already important achieved success in the area of ??efficiency of multi-cell and I firmly believe that we will make progress very quickly with SINGULUS together so that M • Cells will continue to position itself in the leading role in the international solar market. “

Background PERC

The trend in the solar industry to ever thinner wafers for solar cells at the same time increased efficiencies calls for improved surface passivation of the rear of the cell. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES worked in 2012 with the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hameln (ISFH) in the development of cellular technology. In this cooperation, it is possible to increase the efficiency of silicon solar cells by screen printing the usual in the PV industry 17.0% to 18.5% to a record level of 20.1%.

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Background M • Cells

Photovoltaic Co. Ltd. Zhejiang Fortune. (M • Cells) is a leading international solar cell manufacturer specializing in the research & development, manufacturing and marketing of solar cells and solar modules and complete PV systems of mono-and polycrystalline silicon.

The premises of M • Cells covers an area of ??90,000 square meters. The company has a registered capital of 154 million yuan with a total investment amounting to 680 million yuan. The annual production capacity of the first production plant is 500 MW of solar cells. The production capacity is currently being expanded. M • Cells holds a leading position in the field of multi-crystalline solar cells: the efficiency is reached near the 18% mark.

solar thinfilm singulus

In the M • Cells corporate philosophy technology is paramount. Customer requirements are met through quality products and outstanding customer service and continuous improvement. Due to the targeted orientation and intensive development work, the company has “ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System” certification for get and get awarded in China the title of “National High-tech society.”


SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES develops innovative technologies for efficient production processes that conserve resources. New production techniques combined with sustainable processes and the use of new materials can decouple long-term resource use from economic growth. The innovative power and competitiveness of SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES be strengthened by such new technical developments.

In the Optical Disc segment SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is the global market leader for Blu-ray, CD and DVD replication and plants. As the only machine manufacturer worldwide SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is also already on the system technology for triple-layer Blu-ray discs with a storage capacity of 100 GB.

In the Solar segment SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES recognized provider of new machine concepts and manufacturing processes for crystalline and thin-film solar cells, which increase the efficiency of solar cells and reduce their production costs. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES established itself as a development partner and original equipment supplier for technologies that enable a sustainable energy supply based on renewable energies.

In the Semiconductor SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES focuses on the activities of the vacuum coating of wafers with ultra-thin layers for the production of MRAM memory, thin film read / write heads and other semiconductor applications.

To strengthen and develop the existing business, the Company developed based on their core competencies targeted new products and new application fields, so as to open up new markets. This strategic development of the existing product portfolio through internal measures available in 2013 in the center.

At the same time meaningful acquisition opportunities to strengthen the sustainable development of SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES continue to be evaluated.

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