Solar Thermal Systems News. Commercial Solar Stations Now Available For 208v or 230v Power

solar thermal systems

Heliodyne Inc., America’s oldest and most established manufacturer of solar thermal systems has  announced the expansion of their HCOM Commercial Solar Station product line.

This expansion will offer pumping stations for use with single-phase power at either 208v or 230v. Regardless of whether the building is wired for commercial or residential power, an HCOM system is now available for use with that power source.

solar thermal systems

According to Ole Pilgaard, President and CEO of Heliodyne,

The HCOM product line is an integral component of any mid to large scale solar hot water installation. Regardless of how the building is wired, we can provide a solar pumping station which is compatible with that power feed.

HCOM systems are used with solar hot water systems that employ anywhere from 16 to 96 solar hot water collectors. Depending on the hot water demand for that facility, 4 different size models are available. Delta-T controllers, available with the system, include Ethernet or WIFI access. This allows for on-line performance monitoring, energy metering, and automated service/maintenance notifications.

Input voltage needs to be specified when ordering an HCOM Commercial Solar Station.

About Heliodyne:

Established in 1976, Heliodyne designs and manufactures high quality solar hot water systems for both commercial and residential applications. With offices and manufacturing in Richmond, California, the company provides a comprehensive line of solar thermal water heating products including the GOBI line of solar flat plate collectors and the Helio line of heat transfer appliances.

Heliodyne is the North American branch of SolarCAP, the active parent company of VKR Group’s thermal solar energy business, a holding company based in Denmark.

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