In Australia Solar Thermal Energy is the Next Frontier

Australia Solar Thermal, The Future.

Australia has been dubbed the country with the highest number of Individual Solar Installations in the world. New data from the Climate Commission’s Solar Energy Report shows Australians are installing solar at an extraordinary rate. The Report reveals 2.5 million people in Australia have a solar system.

australia solar thermal energy

Government projections suggested solar would grow to the point it is now only by 2030. In an interview with ABC News Australia, the Climate Commissions Chief Tim Flannery, tslks about solar thermal. , says that even though solar thermal is very popular now in Australia,

the next frontier is solar thermal.

New York based company SunMaxx Solar, manufactures, engineers, and installs solar thermal units all over the world. Company CEO, Adam Farrell, says

the fact that Australia is adopting solar thermal is very exciting.” Farrell says the company has sold several units to the Aussies, and SunMaxx Solar is expecting even more business from the region in the next year. “Solar thermal is the next frontier, our numbers prove it. It’s fantastic that the global awareness of the world’s water problems are coming to a head, and people are doing something about it.

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