Breaking News Australia WA: Government Backs Down on Retrospective Cuts to Solar Feed in Tariffs

solar feed in tariff

solar feed in tariffIssue: 12 August 2013 . Source : Australian Solar Council

Australia. – WA Premier, Colin Barnett, has just announced the WA Government has reversed its position on retrospective changes to the solar feed-in tariff.

Premier Barnett has just issued a statement saying:

Quite simply, we got this decision wrong and we have to fix it. We have listened, and we appreciate the commitment that many people have made to take up renewable energy, like solar power.

We make many decisions in casting the State Budget – and at all times we are trying to achieve a balance on behalf of all West Australians.

We understand that this measure would have had an unfair impact on one section of the community and it has to be reversed.

The Australian Solar Council congratulates Premier Barnett on his decision. He has listened to the WA community and has heard the very strong concerns of the solar industry.

The Australian Solar Council was one of many groups that expressed the deepest concerns about the original decision, and I would like to congratulate the WA Sustainable Energy Agency, Solar Citizens, the Clean Energy Council, the WA solar industry and many other groups and individuals for their extraordinary efforts to stop this decision.

Our job now is to ensure that all governments hear the community’s voice and back away from any similar changes.

The Australian Solar Council is seeking more detailed information on the WA Government’s decision.

Warm Regards,

John Grimes

Chief Executive

Australian Solar Council

[email protected]

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