A Flexible Solar Thermal Hot Water Storage Tank Offered

solarskies flexible tank for solar hot waterSolar Skies Mfg. has added flexible solar storage tanks to their extensive solar thermal product line. These light-weight, flexible aluminum tanks are available with a pliable, no-seam liner. The durable and cost-effective EPDM liners are perfect for low temperature applications. The flexible standard tanks and those equipped with double insulation kits can be used in either a closed or open loop solar thermal system.

Installation is very simple; the flexible tank will fit through an opening as small as 36”, same as a standard doorway. Once in the desired location, the tank can be easily expanded, the top and bottom are fitted into place and the tank is ready to be filled and put into service.

The flexible solar storage tanks can accommodate more solar collectors and store more heat over a longer period of time than smaller pressurized tanks. The Solar Skies flexible tanks are durable, do not rust and come with a 5 year warranty. The flexible tanks are available in 42 different sizes ranging from 100 gallons to 5,000 gallons with 9 different sizes of heat exchangers.

Solar Skies Mfg., LLC manufactures solar thermal collectors and distributes solar tanks and components for complete solar thermal systems for both residential and commercial use. The SRCC rated collectors and solar tanks are offered in a multiple of series and a wide range of sizes.

For more information, contact Solar Skies at 106 Donovan Street, Alexandria, MN 56308; Telephone: 320-762-1151, Email: [email protected], or visit www.solarskies.com

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