AKO Wins Best Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Engineering Performance Award

csp award 2 trophy concentrated solar thermal powerAKO, the leader in Temperature Regulation and Control with Electrical Heat-Tracing solutions received, last June, the Best CSP Engineering Performance Award given by CSP Today at the 7th Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Conference & Expo taking place in Vegas (US).

This recognition is awarded to “engineering and EPC companies who feel their role has made a remarkable difference to the engineering, design and performance of CSP plants. The judges looked for details on innovative ways to reduce costs & construction time, along with improving efficiency and O&M strategy, through:

The engineering process offered;

The R&D, innovation and cost reduction efforts that have been made by the company;

The positive impact of engineering on a project”

After 30 years and more than 500 projects, this award is truly a turning point for AKO. The company is both humbled and honored mainly because they´ve had the privilege of being nominated along renowned companies with a vast experience in the sector.

CSP accepting award solar thermal power

But this is far from the end for AKO, this is just the beginning! This prize just confirms that AKO is on the right path: committing itself, one project at the time, to the viability of CSP technology as the energy of the future. Years of restless efforts investing on reengineering I+D+I and on improving its solution´s engineering process have paid off, and although they are specialists in several applications, are particularly proud of its AKOTRACE® EHT solution, which focus on optimizing the performance of any CSP plant by reducing its production and operational costs.

In the wake of the prestigious award AKO received, its AKO Group Managing Director, José Luis Bescós wanted to take the opportunity to address AKO´s employees as well as its partners to ponder the company´s latest events. Bescós wanted to
emphasize on the group of people that make up our engineering team:

This award is also an incentive for our international team of engineers that have been working side by side completing every assignment at the highest level.

From our headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, all the way to our offices in Phoenix, Arizona, American and Spanish professionals have collaborated jointly to implement our AKOTRACE® system to several projects applying a singular approach to every undertaking: customizing every need, providing a personal and flexible solution to satisfy the needs of every single client

Thanks to its involvement in top notch projects such as Solana and Crescent Dunes, and the work done by the Spanish AKO in Gemasolar and La Africana, its overall engineering solution has become a reference in the CSP world.

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