Skyline Innovations Achieves California Solar Initiative Thermal Program Performance Data Provider Certification

Skyline-Performance-ViewLOS ANGELES – The California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal program has qualified Skyline Innovations, a financier and developer of solar hot water systems, as a Program Performance Data provider (PPD), certifying that Skyline meets all requirements for monitoring system accuracy and reliability, as well as technical expertise and capability. This certification allows Skyline to use actual system performance data as the basis for calculating CSI Thermal incentives for a project.

Accurate and reliable monitoring of solar hot water systems is essential to Skyline’s program in order to sell solar heating “fuel” and to provide maintenance, monitoring, and energy savings reporting to each customer. Skyline functions much like a rooftop solar utility company for businesses and multifamily buildings: customers shift water heating fuel usage from utility-supplied natural gas to solar without investing capital into the purchase of a solar hot water system. The customer’s only expense is for solar energy used, and their price is a fixed percentage lower than their fluctuating utility rate to ensure that renewable energy is always more affordable than conventional fossil fuel.

Skyline Innovations Achieves California Solar Initiative Thermal Program Performance Data Provider Certification

“Every single one of our systems is fully monitored because we believe in the importance of validating savings to customers,” said Rich Andrews, Skyline’s Chief Technology Officer.

Our monitoring allows us bill customers only for the renewable energy they actually use, not based off of estimated information such as production data or calculated baselines.

Over the past four years, the Washington, DC-based company has developed a patent-pending advanced technology platform that integrates real-time system monitoring and customer utility billing information, the data and analytics from which enables the measurement and validation of actual customer savings.

The CSI-Thermal Performance Data Provider certification comes on the heels of Skyline’s announcement of a partnership with AMCAL Housing – a large California affordable housing developer – to deploy 11 solar hot water systems, as well as closing $2 million in mezzanine financing.

The CSI Thermal Program provides rebates to California homes and businesses, offering different incentive levels based on performance of solar hot water systems. As a Program Performance Data provider, Skyline will provide solar water heating energy monitoring and reporting services to Program Administrators to validate system performance.


Skyline Innovations guarantees customers’ savings by providing a fixed discount to their utility rates for water heating. This complete customer solution finances, installs, monitors and maintains clean, reliable commercial-scale solar water heating systems at no upfront cost to customers. Found in 2009, the company is headquartered in Washington, DC, with offices in Los Angeles and San Diego. For more information, visit or

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