Opportunity for Solar Thermal Magazine Subscribers to Visit Two Concentrated Solar Power Projects

Solar thermal power_Crescent_Dunes_SolarReserve concentrated solar thermal powerHi,

As an Solar Thermal Magazine subscriber I wanted let you know the exciting news that attendees of CSP Today USA 2013 (26-27 June, Las Vegas) will have the unique opportunity to visit the 392MW Ivanpah and 110MW Crescent Dunes plants, both scheduled to come online in the next 12 months.

Find out more information about the tours here

At CSP Today USA attendees can seize the chance to see two CSP landmarks:

Crescent Dunes is the world’s largest molten salt power tower facility with integrated energy storage. SolarReserve, developers of the plant, will take CSP Today USA attendees on an exclusive tour of the facility, including the solar field, power block and the heliostat assembly building at the site

Ivanpah is the largest CSP plant in the world. At CSP Today USA delegates can see the plant’s three 459-foot tall power towers and 170,000 low-impact heliostats up close, and will be shown around the facility by its operators, NRG Energy Services

To see more details on the Ivanpah and Crescent Dunes tours, as well as CSP Today USA 2013, please download the event brochure here:


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