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How much will my property value increase from installing a solar system

Does the solar system installed in your home increases the property value and helps you when selling your home?

Yes! The American Appraisal Institute estimated that any home features that save in operating costs would increase the home’s value by twenty times the amount saved.

How much will my property value increase from installing a solar system

Every homeowners who have installed solar systems in their property experience an increase in resale price of the home generated from the systems they have installed.

The question now is,

How much will my property value increase from installing a solar system?

It really depends on your system. The more your system is able cut in operating cost, the higher the value increase will be. Considering the energy savings once the system is installed, the initial cost is always recaptured when the home sells. According to recent studies, solar thermal systems save more energy than PV Systems, which translates to solar thermal systems can increase your home value more than PV Systems.

Ed Gunn from SunMaxx Solar, one of the leading solar companies in the solar thermal industry, acknowledged that solar thermal systems can add up to 15,111.45€ in property value to your home. Examples of such solar thermal systems are offered by SunMaxx Solar Inc., featuring some of the most efficient solar thermal systems in the entire industry. One of the many reasons to go solar, despite the fact that it is a home improvement that will pay for itself, is that the initial cost invested will recuperate with value added to the home.

Source: SunMaxx Solar

About SunMaxx Solar

SunMaxx Solar is a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components. Inspired by a high school science project, SunMaxx Solar was established in 2006 by company CEO Adam Farrell, along with his brother, Matt Farrell, as the solar thermal division of Silicon Solar, Inc., a PV-based sales and distribution company, to meet the growing demand for solar thermal products in North America.

Since our inception, our operational excellence and product leadership in the industry has enabled us to pioneer the development and distribution of new solar technologies and services. We have also established one of the leading solar thermal installer training and educational programs, with a network of over 3,000 authorized SunMaxx installers nationwide. Our certified professional instructors are experts in the solar thermal industry, providing the most up-to-date education and training in solar technology.

SunMaxx Solar continues to grow its North American solar thermal operations as well as expanding operations outside of the United States.

How much will my property value increase from installing a solar system About Gordon Smith
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