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Ice Energy Provides Distributed Thermal Energy Storage into the Grid

Ice Energy Provides Distributed Thermal Energy Storage into the Grid

Distributed Thermal Energy Storage into the Grid. GLENDALE, Calif. (August 20, 2013) — Ice Energy today announced full deployment of a regional energy storage program contributing capacity toward Southern California Edison’s state mandated 50 MW of energy storage.

Thirty-three Ice Bears, the first of which came online in November 2012, are in place meeting summer peak A/C demand with clean, green capacity at nine commercial and industrial customer sites. Ice Energy Provides Distributed Thermal Energy Storage into the GridTogether, Ice Energy program participants have received more than $627,000 in total rebates through HVAC Optimization Energy Efficiency Program rebates sponsored by Southern California Edison. The average investment per customer was $139,965 and the average total rebate per customer was $69,670. Program participants bought the units directly from Ice Energy. “The Ice Bears have received a lot of appreciation from customers this summer,” said Ice Energy EVP of Market Development Greg Miller.

We’re seeing a greater understanding of the role Ice Energy storage can play in delivering affordable, clean capacity to run those air conditioners we all rely on.

The Ice Bears redistribute energy use to off-peak hours when rates are much lower, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Customers include a chain of diners (24 kW), a high-tech manufacturing plant (30 kW), two wineries (127 kW) and a Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) project (38 kW). SCPPA also has a separate 53 MW Ice Energy deployment in progress. “Southern California Edison is committed to providing our customers affordable, reliable energy delivered safely. Part of our commitment to them is to help with demand-side management solutions so that they can save energy, save money and help keep the lights on for their neighbors, especially during times of high-demand on the grid. Technologies such as Ice Bears help us to move our objectives forward,” said Lisa Cagnolatti, vice president, Business Customer Division.

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