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Purchasing Home Solar Systems

Purchasing Home Solar Systems ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) LOUISVILLE, Colorado. Home Solar Power Now More Affordable.

May, 2013 — Real Goods Solar, Inc, a nationwide leader of turnkey solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, and utility customers, launched its PowerON Solar systems – a selection of house-ready solar kits for customers who are interested in purchasing low-cost, high-value solar at a very clear published price and with complete peace of mind.

“PowerON makes converting to solar energy easier than ever with pre-packaged, professionally designed residential systems starting at less than $6,000,” said Real Goods Solar CEO Kam Mofid.

These convenient solutions are part of Real Goods Solar’s vision and commitment to bring solar to the mainstream by continuously improving upon the economic benefits of going solar for our customers.

Real Goods Solar continues to offer a comprehensive range of leasing and financing choices for those customers who wish to have a solar system with little to no money down.

The deployment of solar financing solutions has been a great growth driver in residential solar and will continue to be a very attractive path for many to benefit from this 100% clean renewable energy source,” continued Mofid. “At the same time, it is important to have an excellent value proposition for those who wish to own the asset from day one and get maximum benefits over the life of the system – this is precisely what PowerON will do.

PowerON Solar system packages feature high-quality equipment, full system warranties, professional site inspection, complete installation by a licensed professional, public utility review and interconnection. The five available options range from 1.5 to 9 kilowatts rooftop installations. PowerON Solar systems are designed for homes with standard roofing types and sufficient east, south and/or west-facing roof space.

“As consumers look for ways to save and reduce their expenses and embrace the emerging distributed generation model of self-sufficiency coupled with environmental stewardship, we will be there to support their requirements and exceed their expectations,” said Troy Pittock, vice president of residential sales and marketing.

With PowerON’s clear and transparent pricing and excellent cost and performance attributes, Real Goods Solar continues to help more Americans achieve maximum benefits from going solar.

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