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Solar PV System

Solar PV System ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) More than 10.000 PV modules installed on a roof surface of 17.000 sqm – Creglingen.

In the spring of 2012, WINAICO Deutschland GmbH was selected to be the module supplier of a large‐scale project in the rural district Abenberg, Bavaria.

On a former mushroom factory near Wassermungenau, one of the biggest roof‐mounted PV systems in Germany came into operation. In total, 10.260 WINAICO WSP‐235P6 modules were installed by the KlarModul Gruppe from Forchtenberg‐Metzdorf.

Before the installation began, the whole roof had to be renovated by KlarModul Gruppe, removing asbestos and replacing it with trapezoidal sheet. The work was undertaken in April 2012 and concluded in June 2012 with final connection to the grid in December 2012 after network expansion was undertaken.

Energiegenossenschaft KlarModul eG is now the system owner.

“We believe this project to be one of the top three roof mounted arrays in Bavaria; and one of the 20 largest    PV roof‐mounted systems in Germany”, said Andreas Grüb, Project and Operations Manager of KlarModul.

We have been a WINAICO customer for a long time and had no hesitation in deciding to use WINAICO modules for this project. We have always been impressed with the quality of manufacturing as well as the modules performance.

The elevated modules cover a roof area of about 17.000 sqm, almost the size of two and a half football pitches, and produce more than two million kilowatt hours; approximately one tenth of the demand of the whole community Abenberg.

The investment of 4.6 million euros, including roof renovation, has been financed by Energiegenossenschaft KlarModul eG from Öhringen. WINAICO – Manufacturer and system supplier

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