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PSE&G Solar 4 All™ Program will Add 80 Megawatts (MW) of Solar Electric Generation

The PSE&G Solar 4 All™ program will add 80 megawatts (MW) of solar electric generation capacity to the PSE&G electrical system by early 2013. That is enough solar energy to power about 13,000 average size New Jersey homes each year.

Solar 4 All provides numerous benefits to PSE&G customers and the State of New Jersey

The power generated by Solar 4 All projects is tied directly into the electric grid to be used by all PSE&G electric customers

Every one of the panels placed in service generates value from the sale of its electricity and capacity into the wholesale electric grid, the solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) that it generates and the federal investment tax credits PSE&G attracts. PSE&G monetizes this value and the dollars are returned to customers which helps offset the cost of the program

Solar 4 All provides a greatly increased amount of clean, carbon free renewable energy in New Jersey. This renewable energy replaces some amount of traditional fossil fuel electric generation.

The program is helping to create jobs and drive economic development by making New Jersey a leading state for solar power.

Solar 4 All is divided into two main initiatives – 40 megawatts in “neighborhood” solar (pole attached solar units)and 40 megawatts of “centralized” solar. By dividing the program into these two broad categories, PSE&G can take advantage of some previously untapped resources – space on utility poles, unused remediated brownfields and flat-top roofs.

By installing solar panels on utility poles, building solar farms and leasing space on roof tops PSE&G is able to unlock solar’s potential and deliver its benefits to all customers.

PSE&G Solar 4 All™ Program will Add 80 Megawatts (MW) of Solar Electric Generation About Gordon Smith
Gordon’s expertise in the area of industrial energy efficiency and alternative energy. He is an experienced electrical engineer with a Masters degree in Alternative Energy technology. He is the co-founder of several renewable energy media sites including Solar Thermal Magazine.

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