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Wattner Acquires Solar Power Planträtzlingen For SunAsset 3 Fund

Wattner Acquires Solar Power Planträtzlingen For SunAsset 3 FundWattner has acquired the solar power plant Rätzlingen I and is incorporating it into its closed-end solar fund Wattner SunAsset 3. The installation was constructed in December 2011 on commercial property in Lower Saxony. The facility has a capacity of 5.6 megawatts (MW) and an investment sum of approx. 10.5 million euros.

Within the next months the solar power plant Rätzlingen II, with a capacity of 5.1 MW, will be built at the same location. That will bring the overall investment sum for Rätzlingen up to nearly 19 million euros, with a total capacity of approx. 11 MW.

With Rätzlingen I joining Fürstenwalde and Rüsselsheim/Opel I, Wattner SunAsset 3 has increased its investments in installations eligible for feed-in tariffs from the year 2011 to over 31 million euros. Including Rätzlingen II and additional acquisitions as well as installations currently under construction, the fund’s overall investment balance is positive.


Wattner finances power plants for renewable energies with an emphasis on solar power. The company is the only engineer-run issuing house with the most megawatt solar parks in Germany. Over 5,000 investors profit from the steady returns from Wattner’s short-term solar funds.

Source: Wattner press release

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