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Leading Provider of Commercial Solar Power Products and Services Relocates Corporate Headquarters

Leading Provider of Commercial Solar Power Products and Services Relocates Corporate HeadquartersNovato, California.

SPG Solar, a leading provider of commercial solar power products and services, today announced that it is relocating its corporate headquarters to Petaluma, Calif., effective January 1, 2013.

The new headquarters complex will include a state-of-the-art research and development (R&D) facility, space for rigorous product testing, an expanded warehouse, and a customer center with a fully operational SunSeeker single axis tracker.

“This is a strategic business move for us, so we looked extensively for just the right location,” said Doug May, CEO of SPG Solar.

Petaluma gives us the best possible combination of the right space, a strong business community, and a growing renewable energy sector.

The Petaluma location also provides the company with facilities for researching, developing and testing new ideas so that SPG Solar can continue to innovate within the solar infrastructure industry. The new R&D lab will comprise two testing labs, one for racking and the other for electrical and communications. In addition, the headquarters will include reliability facilities, which will incorporate a prototype facility and a destructive-test facility, as well as a customer center that will house an interactive and operational product showcase.

“We want to provide best-in-class products to our customers, ensuring the highest solar production at the lowest lifetime cost,” May added.

Our SunSeeker technology is a market leader, but we intend to innovate in other areas as well.

SPG Solar worked with PB&J Acquisitions to convert an existing structure into its new office and R&D complex. The 25,418-square-foot headquarters is located at 1039 N. McDowell Boulevard, Petaluma, Calif.

About SPG Solar

SPG Solar is a leading national provider of solar power services and products. Since 2001, SPG Solar has been designing, engineering, building and maintaining high-quality solar power systems for large commercial, industrial, governmental and public energy users. SPG Solar provides customers solar at a lower cost with a higher solar output through the All Weather SunSeeker Tracker, a single-axis tracker that produces up to 25 percent more solar energy in all weather conditions. For more information about SPG Solar, visit

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