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Partnership to Commercialize Solar Tracking Systems | Solar Thermal Power

Partnership to Commercialize Solar Tracking Systems | Solar Thermal PowerBARRIE, Ontario, July 5, 2012. SolarThermalMagazine.

TecnoSun Solar Canada Inc., a newly formed company, is partnering with TecnoSun Solar USA Inc. to commercialize and develop the North, Central and South American markets.

The TecnoSun Solar EcoChamp tracking systems are designed to achieve up to 40% higher efficiencies for the commercial solar market. TecnoSun Solar tracking systems mean a higher return-on-investment for solar projects stretching from North to South America.

The unique low-profile, high-density design of the EcoChamp tracking systems respond to several key concerns for commercial and utility-scale developers in the solar industry. The low-profile engineering of the system resolves the issue of wind and risk of shade given its compact architecture. The shallow lightweight structure makes for an easier installation both on rooftop and ground-mount applications. The layout of the EcoChamp system provides a high-density solution, requiring less land in comparison to other tracking systems. The economic advantages of the EcoChamp series include a quicker and less expensive installation, reduced land requirement, reduced production cost of energy, and minimized operations/maintenance costs.

TecnoSun Solar USA and TecnoSun Solar Canada will be exhibiting at Intersolar North America in Booth # 9041 in San Francisco from July 10-12.

Ken Rounds, Chairman of the Board of TecnoSun Solar Canada, responds to this development with: “We are excited to bring TecnoSun Solar’s unique tracking technology to the commercial rooftop and the solar field markets across the Americas. This technology represents a paradigm shift in the solar tracking sector of the industry. This high-density, low-profile, lower cost and simplistic design will increase the return-on-investment for renewable energy investors. On average solar tracking systems typically increase electricity production between 20-40%, and because of the simple design features customers can expect greater reliability and lower annual operating costs than other trackers.”

Further information on TecnoSun Solar’s tracking systems offered across North America can be obtained by contacting 1 (855) 207-6600 or [email protected].

TecnoSun Solar: TecnoSun Solar was originally established as a public company in early 2010 with headquarters in Germany. The basis of the company foundation was a patented dual-axis tracker, unique worldwide in the sum of its features. As a finalist in the Northern Bavarian Business Plan Competition, one of Germany’s most renowned competitions, TecnoSun Solar attracted much attention from the very beginning – both among experts in the solar industry as well as investors. TecnoSun Solar has set itself the objective of supplying intelligent and intentionally simple solutions. In the course of 2010, further patents were introduced and mass production was initiated. TecnoSun Solar USA Inc. ( ) was formed in 2011 and TecnoSun Solar Canada ( ) was formed in 2012.

SOURCE TecnoSun Solar Canada Inc.

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