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Solar Thermal Hot Water Industry Firsts

Solar Thermal Hot Water Industry FirstsSolar thermal technology innovator Sunnovations Inc. has been awarded the industry-standard OG300 certification by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation on 41 unique system configurations for residential solar hot water systems.

In doing so, Sunnovations has achieved several industry “firsts”, including:

  • The only “self-pumped” systems certified OG300 by the SRCC.
  • The only closed-loop glycol systems certified by the SRCC to use PEX for the solar loop piping.
  • The only systems with passive overheat protection.

These technical distinctions translate into a number of important homeowner benefits that are unique to Sunnovations:

1. “Self-pumped” means that the system will work even when there is a power outage or in off-grid applications. Sunnovations’ systems are the only ones on the market that provide system freeze protection without the need for electrical pumps and controllers.

2. “Use of PEX” means that systems can be installed more quickly and cost-effectively than any other comparable solar hot water system.

3. “Passive overheat protection” means that the systems will not experience the chronic overheating that typical closed-loop glycol systems suffer from. This further means that the system does not require costly periodic maintenance that other systems require.

“We believe our systems represent the lowest cost per BTU delivered of any comparable residential solar water heating system in the US” stated Sunnovations Chief Executive Officer Matt Carlson, “Additionally, we have among the broadest variety of system configurations available, providing a fit for most home types and needs.”

The SRCC’s rigorous system certification process is the industry standard in the US, and utilized performance and durability data from independent testing conducted by industry leader TÜV Rheinland in Tempe, AZ. The certifications qualify Sunnovations’ systems for many state and utility solar hot water rebate programs, as well as the generation of renewable energy credits in multiple jurisdictions including Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Charles Segerman, CEO of Clean Currents Thermal in Rockville, MD, said: “Our experience with the Sunnovations system has been as advertised: simple, single day installation at an affordable cost to the homeowner. The renewable energy credits that are enabled by these certifications will help our Maryland and DC customers offset the installed cost of their solar hot water system and reduce their carbon footprint.”

About Sunnovations

Sunnovations’ geyser-pump design removes the need for all electro-mechanical components found in typical solar water heating systems, providing for affordable, simplified and standardized systems while at the same time maintaining performance and freeze protection. The company’s system is available exclusively through leading renewable energy installers.

Interested homeowners can determine their potential cost savings and carbon footprint reduction from a solar hot water system by going to Qualified professional installers can learn more about Sunnovations’ system and becoming an Installer Partner at

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