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Solar Company to Test Products in Northern Canada

Solar Company to Test Products in Northern CanadaSHANGHAI, China. President Fang Soo Liu is pleased to report that Sunbelt International continues the company objective to protect the environment and ensure resource conservation. The company is growing at a rapid pace while promoting Sunbelt International eco-Energy solutions. Sunbelt is also very excited about the new partnership with a private Chinese bank that will allow Sunbelt International to advance expansion of its current operations to meet worldwide demand.

The companys’ strategic objective is to provide remote, urban and industrial clients the opportunity to save money while reducing their carbon foot print. This plan of action is being implimented through many agreements made in recent months. The President Fang Soo Liu is very excited to move forward with the latest agreement signed to test the companies products in the extreme weather conditions in  northern Canada.

Sunbelt International’s solar and wind turbine power systems have 100 times better lifetime energy yield than both nuclear and fossil energy systems per tonne of mined materials. The amount of energy that goes into creating solar panels is paid back through clean electricity production the range of 1.5 – 4 years; depending on where they are used. This compares with a serviceable life of several decades. The Earth receives more energy from the sun in an hour than is used in the entire world in one year. Last year, 68% of Europe’s new electricity came from wind & solar power, marking an increasingly popular trend in sustainable energy alternatives.

The sustainable energy sector is experiencing a significant increase in global demand. According to Bloomberg finance, investments in this sector for 2011 reached $230.7 billion, with over $136 billion in solar alone, which is a 36 percent growth over the last year. Financial experts predict steady increases for sustainable energy for years to come. Sunbelt International is excited to be a part of this growing industry.

Sunbelt International Inc. Fang Soo Liu President [email protected]

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