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Winners of 2011 DOE Sustainability Awards Announced

Winners of 2011 DOE Sustainability Awards AnnouncedThe U.S. Department of Energy today announced the winners of the 2011 Department of Energy (DOE) Sustainability Awards. These awards recognize the achievements of DOE employees whose leadership and cost-reducing initiatives have saved taxpayer money by reducing the Department’s use of energy, water, and paper, while improving the energy efficiency of federal buildings and vehicles. DOE’s sustainability initiatives saved more than $4 million in FY 2010 alone. Awards were presented to individuals, teams, and organizations for improving energy, water, and fleet efficiency, as well as reducing pollution and waste across the agency’s facilities, including its national laboratories.

Deputy Secretary of Energy and Senior Sustainability Officer Daniel Poneman congratulated the winners in a ceremony at the Department’s Forrestal headquarters.

“Today’s Sustainability Award winners are leading by example, showing what’s possible when employees bring creativity, innovation, and dedication to their efforts to make the Department of Energy more sustainable,” said Deputy Secretary Poneman.

 The efforts undertaken by these individuals and teams are helping the Department to deliver on President Obama’s sustainability goals, while inspiring others both inside and outside of government to start investing in cost-saving clean energy technologies.

DOE continues to make considerable progress toward its sustainability goals. In FY 2010, DOE reduced its energy use per square foot by 18.4% from the FY 2003 baseline, while significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The agency also reduced its water use per square foot by 12.2% from the FY 2007 baseline, and used eligible renewable electricity equivalent to 9.2% of its total electricity use.

In 2009, President Obama signed Executive Order 13514 on Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance, which called on the federal government to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and implement aggressive energy and water efficiency programs. In response, DOE established sustainability goals in its annual Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP) and established the DOE Sustainability Performance Office. DOE’s 2011 SSPP can be found on the Sustainability Performance Office website.

The 2011 winners advanced these goals by significantly improving the sustainability of DOE operations. Through the construction of sustainable buildings, implementation of green purchasing, replacement of inefficient equipment, deployment of renewable energy projects, and other similar initiatives, the Department continues to reduce its energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and educate employees on best practices for sustainability.

DOE employees from multiple sites and offices were recognized, including: Argonne National Laboratory, Bonneville Power Administration, Idaho National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the Pantex Plant, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, East Tennessee Technology Park, Savannah River National Laboratory, Savannah River Site, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Y-12 National Security Complex; Carlsbad and Golden Field Offices, Idaho and Richland Operations Offices, and the Department’s Headquarters facilities.

See the full list and descriptions of the award winners.

DOE’s Sustainability Performance Office oversees sustainability efforts at DOE and is pleased to highlight the achievements of those who implement sustainability projects throughout the Department.

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