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Powerful New Roof Solar Module Available through Leading Building and Roofing Partners

Powerful New Roof Solar Module Available through Leading Building and Roofing PartnersGlobal Solar Energy, a leading manufacturer of flexible solar technology and building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions, announced this week that it has partnered with several leading building and roofing companies in the U.S., further expanding the availability of PowerFLEX(TM) BIPV, the most powerful solar roofing module on the market.

Global Solar is partnering with Beachside Solar, the largest commercial roofing contractor in Hawaii and the South Pacific region; Inovateus, a national solar power distributor and integrator; Pfister Energy, a turnkey renewable energy systems provider; and Soprema, a manufacturer in the commercial roofing and waterproofing industry. As key players in the U.S. industrial building and rooftop industries, these partner companies will now integrate the Global Solar PowerFLEX BIPV module into large scale installations.

Global Solar is showcasing its PowerFLEX BIPV module at booth #7157 at Solar Power International 2011, taking place October 17 — 20 in Dallas, Texas.

PowerFLEX BIPV panels offer a more cost-effective alternative to traditional heavy and rigid glass modules, as well as other flexible PV products. Additionally, PowerFLEX BIPV is lightweight, fits all roof shapes, and requires no roof perforations or mounting hardware. The module is able to increase the value of each rooftop through improved roof surface coverage, high efficiency, and excellent low light performance. By integrating PowerFLEX BIPV into their offerings, Global Solar partners can offer a solar solution with twice the power of alternative roof modules.

“Through its fast and seamless integration into roofing systems, PowerFLEX BIPV creates a compelling new solar energy offering for commercial and industrial buildings,” said Jean-Noel Poirier, chief sales officer, Global Solar Energy.

These new collaborations come on the heels of partnerships we’ve established throughout Europe, and will help Global Solar meet the increasing demand for our products here in the U.S. Through our work with many of the world’s leading building and roofing companies we look forward to a surge of new projects using PowerFLEX BIPV in the near future.

The Global Solar PowerFLEX BIPV panel offers a simple integration, large format and high-power density that create low installation and balance of system (BOS) costs. The module rolls out flat onto the roof, so it can be installed in the field using accepted roofing practices, eliminating wind load concerns and dramatically reducing costs. Additionally, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can take advantage of the flexible, high-efficiency characteristics of PowerFLEX BIPV to develop innovative, integrated, and value-added BIPV products for their own manufacturing lines and market channels.

“These collaborations further establish Global Solar as the leading choice in the BIPV industry, and our mission continues to be to help buildings easily, and cost effectively optimize their rooftops for clean, solar energy generation,” continued Poirier.

About Global Solar Energy

Since its founding in 1996, Global Solar has emerged as the leader in flexible Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) thin film solar cell technology. CIGS thin film technology is lightweight and highly efficient. Global Solar’s thin film solar cells are incorporated into a variety of applications ranging from lightweight portable solar chargers, traditional glass solar modules, and building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products and designs.

Global Solar manufactures CIGS cells and modules in two full scale facilities in Tucson, Arizona, USA and in Berlin, Germany, and distributes worldwide.

SOURCE: Global Solar Energy

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