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Complete Solar Roofing System Claims to Cost Less than Connecting to the Grid

Complete Solar Roofing System Claims to Cost Less than Connecting to the GridFacts are the solar industry relies heavily on subsidies to compete with power from the grid or the savings are virtually nonexistent. “Not anymore,” says Mr. Carmen Bellavia, CEO of EternaTile Inc. “Even if subsidies are retained by utility companies and governmental solar subsidies disappeared, our EternaG line, a complete solar roofing system, will still cost less than connectivity to the grid!”

The introduction of EternaG, the company’s super lightweight, lifetime tiles with solar capacities, measurably outperforms everything in the solar market today. “Its cost of ownership, performance, life cycle and environmental benefits are superior because while other companies have focused their efforts integrating solar with common building products, EternaTile utilized a holistic, ground up design which will redefine the roofing and BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic) markets around the world,” said Bellavia.

“Our team has developed EternaG to alleviate every current and future problem with today’s solar products, such as, immediate and long term value, installation processes, structural weight limitations, replacement concerns, longevity, durability, curb appeal, insurance premiums, environmental impacts, inclement weather issues and more,” added the CEO. “Virtually every concern in these markets has been addressed, as well as issues that weren’t even on the competition’s radar. For example, solar and roofing products have never been designed to effectively provide insulation benefits, our product does. Additionally, other hybrid roof/solar manufacturers have kicked the can down the road in regards to future disposals and reclamations, but not EternaTile. Our product allows the roof system and solar wiring to remain on the building when it is time to replace or upgrade the solar cells by introducing removable modules from the tiles that will be reclaimed, refurbished, and re-installed into new core tiles so emerging markets can have access to affordable energy. We have developed a truly revolutionary product.”

The benefits gained from improved energy efficient structures with lower energy consumption, enhanced energy production, stabilized energy costs and eliminating future roofing expenses, will enable millions of homeowners to start saving right away and of course partake responsibly as a member of a green community.

The EternaTile roofing and EternaG roofing systems are the first products known to achieve wind uplift testing results of sustained 70 lbs-psi (approx 260 mph), lower solar project cost by 20%, eliminate future roof replacement, lower energy usage, lower landfill usage, and cost substantially less to own than staying on the grid, without subsidies!

EternaTile Inc. is an early stage company with International patents pending and promising rights in all 139 countries (USA included). EternaTile Inc. has so far completed two series of prototypes and is currently raising capital for development of its manufacturing facilities here and abroad.

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