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Solar thermal developer acciona’s zero-emissions headquarters building

The new headquarters of Acciona Solar company, combines bioclimatic design principles with several renewable technologies (photovoltaics, solar thermal, geothermal and biodiesel). It is the first office building certified as “zero-emissions”, which means that all its energy requirements are met without any greenhouse emissions. Furthermore, the energy consumption reduction of the building compared to a conventional building of similar use (office) is 52%.

Special PV project info

PV architecture and building integration.

The PV modules are integrated in 2 different areas of the building: – Façade. 153 PV modules of 175 Wp each (total, 26.8 kWp) combined with glass element in a curtain wall, operating as a greenhouse. The air enters through the lower part, either from the outside or from conducts coming from the building geothermal air conditioning system; after being heated in the greenhouse, the air can be expelled to the ouside through automatic lockgates, or it can be recovered for the air conditioning system. – Roof. 119 PV modules of 180 Wp each (total, 21.5 kWp), integrated horizontally.

Tariffs and metering Feed-in-tariff

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