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New Solar Thermal Storage Tank Manufacturing Facility in New York

New Solar Thermal Storage Tank Manufacturing Facility in New YorkSunMaxx Solar, a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components, is pleased to announce that they will begin offering non-pressure storage tanks out of their New York facility!

SunMaxx manufactures a variety of solar hot water storage tanks designed for both commercial and government installations. Combining both European and US technology, the new storage tanks will reduce costs and improve quality and overall performance of SunMaxx solar systems. The non pressure storage tanks are available to order for shipping worldwide. SunMaxx offers tank sizes that range from 160 gallons to over 2,000 gallons.

“The additional cost reductions of this key component will help bring us closer to grid parity,” says John M, SunMaxx Training Director.

Binghamton is located in the Southern Tier of New York state and is home to Binghamton University as well as high-tech firms including Lockheed Martin, IBM and BAE Systems.

Now in Binghamton, the storage tank manufacturing facility will help improve system cost structures, quality andefficiency. New storage tanks will reduce overall storage tank system costs for commercial projects by 20%. SunMaxx Solar installers will have the added benefit of reduced system prices as well as improved installation times.

“Our solar storage tanks production line is the first step towards reducing overall system costs to ensure a sustainable future for the organization,” says Adam Farrell, SunMaxx Solar CEO.

SunMaxx Solar aims to build a sustainable future for our global community. In today’s energy consuming world, SunMaxx offers world-class solar energy and renewable products, striving to meet the increasing need for alternative energy sources.

Source: SunMaxx Solar

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