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Solar Incentives by State: Arkansas

Solar Incentives by State: ArkansasIt seems that the state who’s motto was once “the land of opportunity” (until 1995 when it changed it to “the natural state)” offers little opportunity to defer the cost of installing solar systems in your home or business.  The state of Arkansas does not offer any tax credits, loans or grants for the installation of solar energy devices.

It is not all bad news though.  Electric utilities in the state are required to offer net metering.  In net metering, the customer is billed for the net electricity purchased from the utility—that is, the difference between the electricity coming from the power grid and the excess electricity generated by the renewable energy system. Revisions to Arkansas’ Net Metering Rule (Act 1026 of 2007) require electric utilities to credit a net-metering customer with any accumulated net excess generation at the end of each billing cycle. Then, at the end of the 12-month period, any unused excess generation credits expire.

While Arkansas does offer programs for converting to natural gas systems and energy efficiency, the only help you will receive in defraying the initial cost of your solar system is from the federal tax credit.  Perhaps Arkansas residents should petition their favorite son’s Global Initiative for renewable energy funding.

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