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Changes at the Top for Concentrated Solar PV Developer

Changes at the Top for Concentrated Solar PV DeveloperPyron Solar, LLC today announced that Dr. Duncan Earl has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer and Joe Bentley as Chief Engineer. Dr. Earl will also continue his research work with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

 Dr. Duncan Earl holds a B.S. degree in Engineering Physics, an M.S. degree in Physics and received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee. He is the former CEO and CTO of Sunlight Direct, a solar spin off company from ORNL.

Dr. Earl holds five U.S. patents, one international patent, is an R&D100 award winner, and has numerous publications related to the optical science field. He has been a staff member of Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the past fifteen years. His recent R&D focus is on optical metamaterial design and modeling, as well as quantum entanglement phenomena.

“I am delighted to join the Pyron Solar team,” says Dr. Duncan Earl. “I have been following Pyron’s unique technology for several years and strongly believe that we have a revolutionary and cost effective design concept to sell. Pyron is positioned to revolutionize the CPV market; the team has implemented an aggressive plan to introduce its technology to the world. My main focus will be to direct Pyron Solar’s global efforts, to increase efficiency and implement the management teams’ comprehensive plan for a competitive LCOE. We have some very big product and partnership announcements coming in Q3 and Q4 that will draw the solar industry’s attention.”

Pyron Solar also officially announced Joe Bentley as Chief Engineer. Bentley has over 30 years of experience managing and engineering the implementation of technological solutions for oil and gas, environmental and construction projects. Joe holds several patents and previously worked for NASA Flight Research Center in Edwards, California. Joe was designing a Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) system back in the late 1970s. Joe graduated from Victor Valley College (Aerospace Engineering Program) with an Electronics and Astronautics Degree and from the University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in Environmental Management.

“It is an honor to implement the company’s vision and design changes and I am pleased to work with an extremely talented group of engineers on a product that represents such an efficient way of utilizing the sun as an energy provider,” states Joe Bentley. “Being an engineering veteran for over 30 years, I have never worked with a product that can reduce our energy dependence the way this technology will.”

“We have been actively searching for the right candidates to fill these extremely important roles for Pyron Solar. Dr. Duncan Earl and Joe Bentley have the expertise to exploit our patented CPV technology,” stated Stan Ellis, CEO. “Duncan and Joe are brilliant thinkers who will lead Pyron Solar through commercialization and into our next generation of technology.”

The management team is putting the finishing touches on a manufacturing agreement that will give the company 14 manufacturing locations throughout the world. Pyron Solar has the smallest footprint compared to all of the solar technologies on the market at 3.1 acres per MW and has reported output efficiencies at the cell level higher than its CPV competitors.

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