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Developing the World's Most Advanced High Efficiency Solar Stirling EngineSolar Thermal Magazine

Developing the World's Most Advanced High Efficiency Solar Stirling EngineSolar Thermal MagazineSHEC Energy Corporation and Cleanergy have signed an MOU for the joint development of a high-efficiency solar Stirling engine. SHEC Energy’s high-efficiency solar receiver technology will be coupled with Cleanergy’s proven Stirling Engine technology to develop the world’s most advanced Solar Stirling Engine offering.

Engineers from both SHEC Energy and Cleanergy gave design approval to begin pre-series production of a receiver for its much sought-after 10KW Solar Stirling Engine. Over the next several months, construction and field-testing will be undertaken to verify refine the design for optimum performance prior to entering mass production.

“Governments all over the world are expressing tremendous interest and understanding of the capabilities of this next generation of Solar Stirling Engine. We now have an improved ability to provide much needed energy in the most difficult environments in the world.†said Anders Koritz, CEO of Cleanergy.

“SHEC Energy’s solar thermal technology coupled with Cleanergy’s Stirling Engine is an ideal technology complement providing a more efficient, more robust and lower cost solution,†said Tom Beck, CEO of SHEC Energy, Canada.

“What we saw from the beginning was the ability to join the world’s leader in solar thermal technology with a proven engine to offer an affordable energy solution,†agreed Beck and Koritz. Both companies are excited about the interest that has been generated in the very expansive renewal energy market.

Commercial rollout of Cleanergy’s Stirling Engine in solar applications will commence in Q2 2011. There is a strong interest from customers in multiple countries to deploy Solar Parks in the size range of 5 MW to 200 MW for utility scale power generation.

SHEC Energy

SHEC Energy has developed super concentrating solar power solutions that can generate high temperatures with very low radiant energy losses. SHEC Energy has also developed complementary high temperature heat carrier and storage technologies. Higher temperature solar collection makes for more efficient power generation for both smaller scale power generation using Stirling engines, and utility scale projects using steam turbines.

Cleanergy AB

Cleanergy is one of the world’s leading engine manufacturers in the Stirling technology area. It offers two variants of power plants; one for Biogas / Natural Gas and one for Solar Power. The units are of open source configuration and have the capacity of 10kW electric power, the Combined Heat and Power unit for Biogas / Natural Gas also generates 26 kW thermal power. Cleanergy’s Stirling units have a very long lifespan, high efficiency and are environmentally friendly.

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