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Home Owners Recieve Tax credit for Installing Solar Thermal Heating

Home Owners Recieve Tax credit for Installing Solar Thermal HeatingIn California and other states, installing a certified solar water heating system qualifies homeowners to receive a share of federal stimulus money, including a 30% federal tax credit plus utility company cash rebates ranging from $900-$2,000. WePOWER, in conjunction with a major retailer, will also offer installation and a no-money-down no-interest loan for 36-months (on approved credit).

WePOWER’s systems include an 80-gallon solar water tank along with a highly efficient 40 sq ft roof-mounted solar thermal collector able to offset up to 25% of total household annual energy usage and 30% of emissions. In fact, our technology is so efficient that a single 4 X 10 collector can produce the same energy equivalent as a roof-full of 16 solar photovoltaic panels.

“WePOWER’s Solar Thermal Direct Energy systems represent the most efficient and least expensive renewable energy solution,” said Howard Makler, President of WePOWER. “Capturing heat from the sun at home and using it to reduce water-heating bills is now easier and less expensive than ever.”

“SRCC’s certification program operating guidelines, test methods and minimum standards, and rating methodologies require the performance of nationally accepted equipment tests on solar equipment by independent laboratories which are accredited by the SRCC,” as explained on the agency’s website. “It is the only national certification organization whose programs are the direct result of combined efforts of state organizations involved in the administration of standards…”

Home Owners Recieve Tax credit for Installing Solar Thermal Heating

About WePOWER:

WePOWER creates and delivers safe, clean and renewable energy solutions around the world, thereby reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment. The WePOWER family of products harnesses free energy generated by the sun and wind, allowing consumers and businesses to reduce their hot water energy consumption by up to 90%. WePOWER’s solar thermal systems are Approved Stimulus Products and qualify for a 30% tax credit, have earned OG-300 SRCC solar certification, are UL and GAMA approved, and are Energy Star certified.

Details are available by contacting them at:

Consumers are invited to visit for details.

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