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India Commits over $210 Million to Solar Thermal Projects totalling 1300 Mwatts by 2013

India Commits over $210 Million to Solar Thermal Projects totalling 1300 Mwatts by 2013According to a recent article written by the Press Trust of India, the Union Government of India has pledged Rs 1,000 crore ( $ 210.5 million U.S) for subsidising solar thermal power generation, it says is in line with its plan to boost utilisation of renewable energy resources.

The announcement was made by Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) secretary Deepak Gupta at a workshop. He said that the MNRE aims to produce 1,300 MW of power from the new energy sector within the next three years. Speaking on the sidelines of the inaugural function of a workshop-cum-exhibition on ‘Deployment of Solar Thermal Systems in Northern States’, organised by the Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA), Gupta said that the Centre has proposed to declare Chandigarh, Amritsar and New Delhi as ‘solar cities’ under the National Solar Mission.

The workshop-cum-exhibition was aimed at analysing the present status of solar thermal systems, including solar water heaters, and identifying hurdles in the promotion of solar power. Experts also discussed technological advancements, economics, policy issues and different financing models in this regard.  Apart from this, solar water heating systems, solar steam generators, cooking systems and solar passive/energy-efficient buildings were covered in the workshop, particularly in the context of the national rating system being promoted by the MNRE.

In these cities, people would be encouraged to harness solar energy through rooftop panels and contribute to the national power grid.Stating that there is a lot of scope in the power sector, Gupta said that the Union Government is working out a plan to reduce the cost of solar panels by producing components indigenously.Stressing on the need for effective implementation of solar by-laws, Gupta said that the states should direct every hotel, hospital, community centre and even hostel to use solar water heating systems.

 The MNRE is also doing its best to encourage independent power producers, he added.


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