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WePOWER Offers Consumers Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems with Government Rebates

WePOWER Offers Consumers Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems with Government RebatesCapturing heat from the sun and using it to reduce water heating bills is now easier and less expensive than ever.

WePOWER, a global leader in delivering safe, clean and renewable energy solutions, has begun offering its Solar Thermal Direct Energy systems in alliance with a major retailer, which will simplify the consumer experience by offering a one-stop-shop including complete installation of these systems.

In California and other states, installing a certified solar water heating system now qualifies homeowners to receive a share of federal stimulus money, including a 30% federal tax credit plus utility company cash rebates ranging from $900-$2,000. Details are available at It’s important for consumers to act quickly to take advantage of these incentives before funds run out. WePOWER, in conjunction with a major retailer, will also offer a no-money-down no-interest loan for 36-months (on approved credit).

“Heating water represents 25% of energy use and 30% of emissions in most households. For consumers looking to reduce monthly energy bills by producing and using their own power, the gap between cost, saving money and convenience has been closed through this alliance and the WePOWER Solar Thermal Direct Energy system,” said Howard Makler, president of WePOWER.

“WePOWER’s Solar Thermal Direct Energy system represents the most efficient and least expensive renewable energy solution,” said Marvin Winkler, CEO of WePOWER. “This WePOWER system builds off consumer interest in leading greener lives at home and immediately experiencing the cost savings in doing so.”

Different from expensive solar photovoltaic systems that include multiple solar panels, the WePOWER Solar Thermal Direct Energy system is much more efficient and affordable, including a single roof-top solar collector that harnesses the sun’s free energy to heat water that’s stored in an 80-gallon solar water tank. In addition to saving money, running out of hot water becomes a thing of the past as homeowners essentially double their supply of hot water. In the event of inclement weather, their existing water heater ensures that homeowners never go without hot water.

WePOWER Offers Consumers Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems with Government Rebates

“Affordability, coupled with a desire to immediately begin to experience savings that offset the cost of the installed system, are key factors that influence consumer adoption of ‘green’ products,” Makler said. “Through our alliance with a major retailer, WePOWER is focused on delivering our Direct Energy system to homes and small businesses: easy access, simple installation and immediate savings.”

Consumers are invited to visit for details.

About WePOWER:

WePOWER creates and delivers safe, clean and renewable energy solutions around the world, thereby reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment. The WePOWER family of products harnesses free energy generated by the sun and wind, allowing consumers and businesses to reduce their hot water energy consumption by up to 90%. WePOWER’s solar thermal systems are Approved Stimulus Products and qualify for a 30% tax credit, have earned OG-300 SRCC solar certification, are UL and GAMA approved, and are Energy Star certified. WePOWER’s wind energy business encompasses energy production and sustainable signage/advertising through its patented Windvertiser™ technology.

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