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Electrical Utilities Search for Break Throughs in Optimizing Concentrated Solar Power Output

Electrical Utilities Search for Break Throughs in Optimizing Concentrated Solar Power OutputUtilities looking for industry input on Concentrated Solar Power Yield Optimization Engineering ahead of CSP Today’s Denver Conference

A crucial area of discussion when it comes to concentrated solar power Plant output engineering is the impact that CSP output optimization has on utility agreements, PPAs and ongoing LCOE, and the subsequent impact on the perception of the value of power produced through CSP. Last week, Utilities Panel Moderator Mark Lausten from the DOE, along with utility representatives from PG&E and Xcel Energy, discussed the topics that could be raised in their panel on ‘The Value of CSP Power’ (as part of the CSP Yield Optimization Conference & Expo in Denver, October 27-28), and are looking for your thoughts on the questions below.

With representatives confirmed from Abengoa, Acciona, FosterWheeler, WorleyParsons, Siemens Energy, S2M, Fluor, Areva, and RES amongst many many more, the event is surpassing expectations and proving that these engineering issues are front of mind for CSP professionals in ensuring that this technology is a frontrunner in the race for renewables – the current delegate list is available here.

* What are the primary drivers in the selection of a solar plant PPA?

* What is the value of ancillary services (VAR control, reserve capacity) in solar power plants?

* Is there a benefit to smaller plants located closer to load centers vs. large remote located plants?

* How is thermal energy storage or other means of firming output valued?

* Is there any difference in value to firming power output with fossil fuels vs. thermal energy storage?

* How do you perceive the value of solar energy produced at solar integrated fossil power plant (such as the FPL Martin Plant)?

* Are there any penalties or discounts that are typically applied to a solar plant that does not offer firm predictable output (such as CSP without storage)?

* Does a plant with dry cooling, which may experience a reduction in output during hot ambient conditions, have a disadvantage when competing for a PPA?

* Is there concern about a large amount of PV power being deployed on your system and in light of that, does CSP have an advantage?

This panel takes place on the first morning of The CSP Yield Optimization Conference which discusses how to guarantee maximum CSP plant yield through effective Balance of Plant engineering. With key issues being asked by developers and EPCs worldwide, including how electricity delivered will ultimately ensure the fulfilment of your PPA, ensuring your plant configuration is optimized for maximum yield and understanding the impact of location and sizing choice, the 1st CSP Today Yield Optimization Conference, taking place October 27-28 in Denver, will cover these issues in more detail than ever before.

Key presentations include Mitigating Your Risk Through Effective Engineering and Equipment Supply (Eric Svendsen, Foster Wheeler Energia, S.L.U.), Surefire Control Strategies (Peter Tanner, Areva) and Realtime O&M for Solar Thermal Plants (Bob Cable, Acciona Solar Power)

Plus, in an unprecedented feature, on the morning of Friday October 29, delegates will be transported to the NREL facility in Denver and have the opportunity to tour the facility with CSP staff on hand to questions. Places are very limited and are allocated on a first come first served basis (only open to delegates at this event), and transport will be provided.

More details can be found here: and or contact [email protected] by email or on 1 800 814 3459 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1 800 814 3459      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1 800 814 3459      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ex 7153

Contact [email protected] to pass on any thoughts or additional questions to be covered:

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