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Solar Thermal Collector Supplier Chooses Supplier for World’s Largest Solar Thermal Project

Solar Thermal Collector Supplier Chooses Supplier for World’s Largest Solar Thermal ProjectAlanod-Solar has announced that they have been commissioned by the world’s largest producer of solar thermal collectors, GREENoneTEC, to supply mirotherm® absorbers for what will be the world’s largest solar thermal project, currently under construction as part of the Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University for Women in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The solar thermal system’s collector surface area covers 36,305 square meters and is nearly twice as large as the next largest solar thermal power plant in the world, which is located in Marstal, Denmark and has a collector surface area of 19,875 square meters. The energy generated by the GREENoneTEC collectors will be used to produce hot water and support the heating system for the eight square kilometre campus.

The entire site accommodates 40,000 students, teaching staff and other employees along with 13 faculties, living quarters, research facilities and its own hospital.

The construction project has a contract value of more than $11.5 billion US dollars and is considered to be the premier solar project in the Arab world, especially in terms of its environmental policies. The size of the solar project will make it possible to supply hot water to 36,000 people, and is expected to save approximately 52 million litres of heating oil (125 million kilograms of CO2).

Four thousand engineers, technicians and workers are currently working on building the university, which is due to be fully completed within two years at the end of 2011. However, the solar thermal plant is scheduled to begin test operations by the end of 2010. The plant was developed and designed by Millennium Energy Industries, the leading specialist for solar power solutions in the Middle East and the North African region. Millennium Energy Industries was commissioned for the project at the end of January.

Alanod-Solar’s flexibility and reliability were decisive factors in enabling this largescale GREENoneTEC-project to be realized within such a short time period, said Robert Kanduth, Managing Director and founder of GREENoneTEC.

Ingo Beyer, CEO of Alanod-Solar GmbH & Co. KG, is delighted that GREENoneTEC and Millennium Energy Industries are relying on absorbers from the global market leader Alanod-Solar. With its mirotherm®, mirosol® and sunselect® absorbers, Alanod-Solar has been GREENoneTEC’s primary supplier for many years. According to Ingo Beyer, these years of close collaboration have resulted in high quality products for the solar power market that provide excellent utilization worldwide.

GREENoneTEC specially designed the GK 3000 series collectors for large-scale solar thermal plants, especially those with the unique environmental requirements of the Arab world. They feature mirotherm® absorbers and have a gross surface area of ten square meters. Special solar glass with high light transmission ensures higher performance, and a modified fixing system provides for optimum space utilization. The collector is also designed to withstand significant wind loads, even those resulting from a sandstorm.

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