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Saving Energy for Home Owners – Rebates on the Latest Programmable Thermostats

Saving Energy for Home Owners - Rebates on the Latest Programmable ThermostatsThe Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) and Honeywell are coming together to offer Upper Midwest residents Come Home to Comfort and Energy Savings, an exclusive rebate program for up to $10 back on a new Do-It-Yourself programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to pre-set your home’s heating and cooling system to work around your schedule, providing ultimate comfort for your household. Honeywell, who employs thousands of Midwesterners and commits more than half of its portfolio to energy efficiency, is a leading designer and manufacturer of programmable thermostats.

“We’re really excited that Upper Midwest residents have this opportunity to increase their home comfort, save energy, and lower their energy bills with a new Honeywell programmable thermostat,” said Michelle Vigen, CERTs Campaign & Metrics Coordinator. “It’s an easy, convenient way to save money around your schedule.”

The average household in the Upper Midwest that sets back their thermostat in the summer and winter using default settings could save around 15% on heating and 25% on cooling costs, saving about $200 annually.

When asked about programmable thermostats, Joshua Davis, Home Energy Squad Manager with the Neighborhood Energy Connection, had this to say: “These are the biggest energy savers we install. It can save a lot of money on your heat and cooling bill, and makes your home more comfortable.”

A Honeywell Do-It-Yourself Programmable Thermostat Jason Carlson, a homeowner in McIntosh, MN, installed a programmable thermostat in his home in 2006. “We have saved over $200 a year on heating and cooling bills since we installed our programmable thermostat,” says Carlson. “It’s so nice how it automatically adjusts the temperature in our home so that it’s comfortable when we wake up or come home at the end of the day, and helps us save energy while we’re sleeping and at work.”

Programmable thermostats are an easy way for homeowners to begin taking action. Honeywell’s Do-It-Yourself programmable thermostats are specially designed to install in less than 15 minutes and in four simple steps. “We have a programmable thermostat in our house and it’s great!” said Erika Bailey-Johnson of Bemidji, MN. “It’s very easy to program, and you can set up different temperatures for weekends/weekdays and days/nights.” Well-labeled buttons and touch screens allow for straightforward interaction and programming.

Anyone can download and print out their own rebate at This is also the webpage homeowners should visit to learn more about programmable thermostats and this opportunity.

Minnesota State Fair On Friday, August 27th, CERTs and Honeywell representatives gave away 100 free programmable thermostats in 25 minutes at the Eco Experience building at the Minnesota State Fair! Residents can get their “Savings on a Stick” rebate form in person at the Eco Experience building on the corner of Randall and Cosgrove until September 6.

Residents can learn more and get a rebate at

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