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The US Solar Thermal Market has a Bright Future -New Market Report Published

The US Solar Thermal Market has a Bright Future -New Market Report PublishedA new report from companies and markets, suggests that the US and particularily California has very good future prospects for solar thermal energy. According to the authors many solar thermal plants with high installed capacities are currently under construction and others are in various stages of planning. California is the hub of most of the existing and expected solar thermal installations due to the inherent characteristic of its abundantly available sunny climate, making it the leading solar electricity generating state in the US.

 Solar thermal owes much of its future growth in the US to the support and encouragement from individual state governments; this has led to a boost in the development of solar thermal energy. The reduction in production costs due to technological advancements and supportive government policies, such as federal tax credits, are expected to further contribute to the growth of the solar thermal market in the US.


– The study overlooks the US solar thermal market and the impact of policy support on it.

– It discusses the US solar thermal market, both historic and forecast installed capacity, during 2001-2013.

– It also briefly discusses the state renewable portfolio standards and policy incentives in the US solar thermal market in 2008.


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