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Next Generation Hybrid Solar Hot Water Tanks Introduced for Residential Solar Thermal Systems

Next Generation Hybrid Solar Hot Water Tanks Introduced for Residential Solar Thermal SystemsSan Francisco. A new generation of “hybrid” residential solar hot water tanks is at the center of Schüco’s new developments for residential solar thermal systems. In the field of innovative solar system solutions, the company has introduced a range of corrosion-resistant hot-water tanks that allow for space saving single-tank systems that fit almost all applications.

The new portfolio features two sizes, 70/75 gallon tanks for smaller residential systems with approximately 2 – 3 collectors and 110/115 gallon tanks for mid to large size residential systems with 3 – 4 collectors. Three integrated backup heat sources are available including: electric elements, secondary heat exchange coil for a boiler, or an innovative internal gas burner utilizing natural gas or propane. The Schüco Solar Electric Backup, the Schüco Solar Gas Backup and the Schüco Solar Dual Coil Storage Tanks are all designed for optimum energy efficiency and easy installation. Two inch thick CFC-free insulation on the sides and top of the tanks reduce heat loss and energy consumption. The innovative tanks feature double-wall enameled steel solar heat exchanger coils with 1.5” O.D. for maximum solar collection.

Integrated system design allows the Schüco Solar Station PS 1.3 and the Schüco SDC 204 digital system controller to be installed quickly and easily. All components can be directly attached to the tank – time-consuming wiring and system piping is a thing of the past due to pre-installed sensors and quick connectors. The result is a hassle-free installation with reduced setup time.

The Schüco Solar Station PS 1.3 is the core of the solar thermal system, controlling the flow of solar fluid between the storage tank and collectors. All valves and components are preassembled, including a three speed circulating pump, integrated air separator and flow gauge. The digital system controller features a large LCD display resulting in a user-friendly interface and boasts an aesthetically appealing design.

All the components needed for a quick and easy installation are prepackaged and can be ordered with a single part number.

About Schüco

Schüco has been successfully operating in the U.S. solar market for over four years now. At its U.S. locations in Newington,CT and Union City, CA, more than 110 employees are setting standards and showing that urgently needed climate protection and economic success are not mutually exclusive. Promoting the use of environmentally friendly, renewable energies has been a primary aim of the company for many years.

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