2.2 MW Industry-Changing INVELOX Wind Power Breaks Ground in China

SheerWind Invelox
INVELOX System. Image courtesy of SheerWind.

’s authorized distribution HUB SheerWindChina broke ground last week for the largest (™) system to date. The Chaska-based wind-power innovator, SheerWind, was pleased to get the news and is looking forward to working closely with its China HUB during the construction, scheduled for completion in October 2016. The event took place in collaboration with Hengshui City Agricultural Science and Technology Company.

SheerWindChina will use this system as a demonstration aimed at establishing, optimizing and verify the technical parameters of the wind power generation system. Construction of the world’s first 100MW wind farm power industrial park is scheduled to follow in the next year.

“This project will deliver substantial and long-term local economic and environmental benefits,” said Li Yang Shi (???), the CEO of SheerWindChina. “Not only will it be the first INVELOX wind energy system in China, it is the beginning of a revolution in clean power generation and is aligned with the joint efforts by China andthe United States on climate change, contributing to the enduring legacy of the partnership between our two countries.”


  • The INVELOX will have a height of 45 meters
  • 3 turbines with 5-meter rotor blades
  • Expected annual energy production over 10 million KWH

The INVELOX technology is a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to conventional wind technology. Employing a funnel system that captures the wind and brings it to ground-level turbines and rotors for safer, easier, and cheaper operation and maintenance. Enclosed turbine benefits include no harm to birds or humans, far less maintenance, and greater electrical production per dollar invested than conventional systems.Invelox China

China has rapidly become a global leader in wind energy, with nearly 109GW of wind power capacity last year, a 28% increase year on year, according to the National Energy Administration. Although abundant, current wind projects in China face challenges as the windiest areas are far from populations. Existing wind farms are struggling to incorporate into the grid. Low capacity factors (amount of energy produced) that range from 2,000 to 3,000 hours per year add to the challenge. SheerWind’s technology has an expected capacity factor of over 6,000 hours per year and can be safely located in urban, industrial, or agricultural areas where power is needed.

“Breaking ground on China’s first INVELOX is a perfect demonstration of their commitment to renewable, clean energy. SheerWindChina’s dedicated team has made strides in development and implementation of INVELOX. We look forward to this prosperous relationship that benefits both our countries while supporting current environmental initiatives,” said Daryoush Allaei, CEO of SheerWind.

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  • Bruce Miller says:

    Big Oil and other corporate interests fight Wind Energy Development in the U.S.A. Communist China does not drag this anchor. This for one idea is a proven performer. As China steps softly ahead to the U.S.A. even in Wind Energy, American boys and girls are expected to enlist in Armed forces and bleed out in foreign deserts for foreign oil.
    Once the leader in innovations Science and Technologies, the U.S.A. now limits its efforts and shapes them, coerces them to corporate demands. Lobbyists, corporate Lobbyists that is, have more clout than even the voters and their two party system?

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